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Bernhard Rau

Industrial engineer
Year of birth: 1959

Career background

Bernhard Rau graduated as an industrial engineer from the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. From a very early stage onwards, he acquired professional and also preliminary international experience in activities for Daimler Benz, the Nuclear and Technology Research Center Karlsruhe and AIESEC.

Immediately after completing his studies, he joined Nixdorf Computer AG, one of the most renowned producers of computer hardware and software at that time, as a marketing specialist. After three years, he assumed management responsibility for a team for sector solutions at Siemens Nixdorf.

In 1992, Bernhard Rau switched from marketing to sales at the Daimler Benz subsidiary debis Systemhaus. At that company, he was initially responsible for marketing materials management solutions to wholesale and retail companies. After only two years, he was assigned responsibility for marketing ERP and PPS solutions to mid-size and large companies.

In 1997, he was appointed key account manager at the telecommunications company Arcor, later becoming sales manager. In this position, he acted as a department manager and was responsible for gaining and looking after key accounts in the data communications segment and successfully established new areas of business.

He has been managing director and shareholder of the consulting company Beratech GmbH since 2003. As an outsourcing partner, Beratech offers consulting and other services spanning management and strategy consulting as well as operating consulting in the areas of sales, marketing and human resources.