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Business solutions / ERP

One of the critical success factors for modern companies is immediate access to business parameters. As an implementation partner of leading solutions for ERP, Beratech will help you to achieve this.

Leading ERP will cover all the functions of a modern business solution.

  • Order processing
  • Purchasing/sourcing
  • Materials management
  • Handling of production, service and repair order
  • Calculation
  • Unit list and serial number management
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM / PDM)
  • Accounting and controlling including receivables and payables accounting and cost center accounting
  • Integrated in Microsoft Word / Excel / Outlook / TAPI interface

It must be possible for the system and software architecture to be adjusted at all times in the light of users' changing requirements and the latest information technology. This flexibility is one of the key characteristics of leading solutions for Enterprise Ressource Planning. By systematically separating the user interface, application logic and database, the latest ERP-solutions provides maximum flexibility and openness. Thanks to this technology, you can harness the advantages of a standard application while individually designing your screen layout and freely selecting the database system.